‘Just Love Yourself’ is Terrible Advice, Do This Instead

Too often we think of loving ourselves as a final destination, as if you flip a switch and suddenly you’re transported to some magical island of enlightenment and relationship bliss. The alternative is feeling ashamed—as if you’re not strong enough, or working hard enough, to get there. This mentality does more damage than it does good.

A Letter to Anyone Going Through Heartbreak

To you, Here we are, two strangers connected synchronistically through something we both have in common. Heartache. Feeling disappointed in love. Exhausted from the suffering. Where does one begin when the pain seems like it has permeated every single cell of your body? How does one even begin to have hope that this ‘happened for […]

Heartbreak was the Catalyst for Self Discovery – Interview with Renew Guest, Mercedes

Mercedes is a millennial woman living in San Francisco who attended Renew’s wellness retreat in December 2017 in Malibu. A combination of serendipitous signs led her to attend the retreat, and today she shares her journey about how heartbreak enabled her to realize, create and embrace her own identity. When was your first heartbreak. How […]

How I Healed From Heartbreak – An Interview With Renew Guest, Puneet

We interview Puneet Grewal about the lessons learned from heartbreak, the perspective shifts from her experience at the Renew wellness retreat and how life and love has changed since.

Sorry I’m Not Sorry

I learned at a very young age to prioritize being pleasant, polite and likable. I was raised in a traditional Chinese household, and the concept of “face”(miàn z) – one’s own sense of self image and prestige in social contexts, was a significant part of our culture. It was normal to “save face” – which was […]

7 Practical Steps to Heal After a Breakup

This post is for anyone out there who is feeling the pain of separation. There are things you can do to get back up, process the pain and move from a state of survival to a state of thriving. Here are seven steps to help you during this time.

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