The Retreat Experience

Next Retreat: February 15th Weekend – Upstate New York  

Our program is designed to create a positive momentum for healing and leave you feeling empowered and renewed. We are taking names down for an extended retreat which will take place from Friday, Feb. 15 – Monday, Feb. 18 in Upstate New York. This retreat includes an extra day for private sessions and integration. You will arrive on Friday at 12PM noon and depart Monday at 11AM. Our retreat will be held at a luxury, 100-acre private estate near Hudson, New York.

When you arrive, we ask that you fully commit to your journey by digitally unplugging. This retreat will have a maximum of 15 guests so that we can keep an intimate atmosphere that feels safe, calm and supportive. A psychologist will lead sessions on how we can detach and let go of the past that no longer serves us. Renew’s Chief Heart Hacker will provide group talks on the psychology of our attractions and and how we can start rewiring our patterns to create healthy love. There will be yoga and mediation sessions, and a tantra expert will show you how to connect to your body and harness your feminine energy. A professional dominatrix with a PhD in human development will lead sessions on power dynamics and sexuality. There will also be private, one-on-one sessions with either an energy healer or a relationship coach available. Meals are cooked by an on-site chef using organic and local ingredients.

If you want different relationship outcomes but keep showing up with the same patterns and energy, you will only get the exact same results. We will help you explore the source of your wounds (usually that stems beyond your last ex) so that you can rewire patterns and old scripts that no longer serve you. We will focus on building a strong foundation of self-compassion, confidence and love so you can step into your personal power and create the healthy love you deserve.


Accommodations in a private, 100- acre estate surrounded by nature in Upstate New York (near Hudson)

Nutritious meals will be cooked daily by an on-site chef using organic and local ingredients

A psychologist with a PhD in behavior nutrition will be guiding discussions and practices to clear old patterns and help you open up for healthy love

A professional dominatrix with a PhD in education from UC Berkeley will guide a session on unlocking the application of power dynamics. She will teach you how to ‘channel your inner Domme’ so you can live, love and connect from a place of power.

A leading tantra expert will be providing a workshop on energy movement and connecting to your feminine energy

Meditation and yoga classes

Various exercises throughout the weekend to give you the tools to emotionally regulate, self-soothe and detach from the past

“The most helpful thing — beyond getting away — was hearing other people’s stories. It was different than talking to a girlfriend or family member. There was something about meeting a stranger who has dealt with the same thing I had that was incredibly comforting.” – Taylor, as interviewed in The Toronto Star 


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