To a friend going through heartbreak

Dearest friend,

I’ve been thinking about you…

It hurt my heart to hear of what happened with X, not because you aren’t strong and empowered, not because I didn’t think you’d dust your knees off and bounce back to equilibrium with rapid tenacity… but because such matters of the heart hurts, misaligned timing hurts, and men who sweep us off our feet only to not know how to gently handle our strong hearts with care…hurts.

Maybe I’m projecting, but I’ve been that girl so many damn times. Who gave love with reckless abandon, who gave all of me, who took the risk… only to be met with a man who at the end wasn’t ready, nor had the ability or capacity to handle what I had to offer. I let these heartaches bring me down, I gave away my power, I shed tears, I longed, I wished…

And while I’d never take back a heartbreak, because without all the bruises and scrapes I’d never be the woman I am today, I can’t help but feel frustrated when I see beautiful, smart, powerful, it-factor women hurt because of a man. We must not give away our power, our light and not let any of the past harm the future. We must get back up each and every time, and still approach the world and relationships with hope, love and softness. And we must be so selective with whom we choose to share our spirit, body and soul with.

I want you to know that I respect you, admire you and support you. I’ve learned that sometimes we need to cross many bridges until we reach our destination, and each time, we get closer.

I know you’re doing just fine. Of course no one or nothing can bring your spirit down indefinitely, but i wanted to let you know how I feel about you, and that if I can support you in any way, I’m here.

With love,


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