Renew takes a scientific and spiritual approach to healing the heart.

Our mission is to help millions of individuals create healthier relationships through in-person retreats, online events, and a wide array of educational resources.

Renew was founded 5 years ago with the debut of our famed Breakup Bootcamp — the world’s first ever comprehensive heartbreak recovery retreat. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of people heal from hurt and create healthier relationship patterns. 

Some Renew alumni were so inspired by their experience, they’ve started their own coaching careers, and many are now in loving, healthy relationships they never dreamed possible. A select few have gone on to become members of the Renew team — and have made it their personal mandate to spread the healing, empowerment, and change they uncovered at our retreat.

We’ve all heard the saying “hurt people hurt people.” 

Well, it turns out the opposite is also true.

Healed people, heal people. 

We believe with each heart we heal, a ripple effect ensues, packing limitless positive change and impacting countless individuals.

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