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What Is Breakup Bootcamp?

We’ve helped thousands of people get over heartbreak and start their next chapter, renewed.

Going through a breakup? Anxious in love? Sick of being single? At Renew you’ll learn how to transform heartbreak into healing and shift subconscious patterns.

Whether you’re divorced or dating, single or separated, we offer bootcamps and courses for you to create healthy love.

Are you ready to move forward?


90% of participants reported that Renew Breakup Bootcamp made a “significant impact on their healing process” and “increased levels of optimism, confidence and self-love”

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In-person retreats are on pause for now. We will be announcing the dates for our next Virtual Breakup Bootcamp soon. The virtual bootcamp is an interactive, live event taught by Amy and the world’s top relationship experts – from psychologists, behavioral scientists, sex educators and more. You’ll learn tried-and-tested tools to help you move forward from the past, rewire subconscious patterns and create healthy love.







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More About Renew

Renew hosts retreats and provides online courses to help people heal from a breakup, rewire patterns and create healthy love. Our approach bridges the gap between science and spirituality to create a positive momentum to move forward. Whether you are someone who has recently had a breakup or you’ve experienced past heartache that hasn’t fully healed, Renew can help you shift patterns so you can move forward in a healthy way, and make space for new beginnings.

Renew was founded by Amy Chan a relationship columnist, editor of Heart Hackers Club and author of Breakup Bootcamp – The Science of Rewiring Your Heart.

What Press is Saying About Us

“A getaway for those of us who just can’t get over it.”

– The New York Times

“A retreat for anyone getting over a breakup.”

– Glamour

“They say boot camp, we say luxe weekend retreat.”

– Vogue

“There are now luxury bootcamps for the broken-hearted.”

– Marie Claire

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