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Renew takes a scientific and spiritual approach to heal the heart.

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Amy Chan

“A getaway for those of us who just can’t get over it.”

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“A retreat for anyone getting over a breakup.”

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“They say boot camp, we say luxe weekend retreat.”

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What Is Renew Breakup Bootcamp?

Renew launched the world’s first breakup bootcamp in 2016, and has been featured in The New York Times, Good Morning America, Nightline, CNN and more.

We’ve helped thousands of people get over heartbreak and start their next chapter, renewed. Whether you’re divorced or dating, single or separated, Renew offers bootcamps, courses and private mentorship to help you create healthy love.

Shift old patterns and create healthy love with Renew’s tried-and-tested tools to heal the heart.

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Are you ready to let go of heartbreak?

Breakup Bootcamp: The Science of Rewiring Your Heart - Amy Chan

In-person Bootcamp

Four transformational days proven to transform heartbreak. Taught by Amy and the world’s top relationship experts – from psychologists, behavioral scientists, sex therapists, and more.

The Breakup Masterclass

Experience Breakup Bootcamp in the comfort of your own home, with over 60 videos of tried and tested tools. Includes Amy’s meditations and 72-page workbook.


Want to work directly with Amy? There are a few spots available for private mentorship. You’ll have regular video calls with Amy to help you reach your relationship goals.


An instant best-seller. Life-changing, and backed by sound scientific research, Breakup Bootcamp can help anyone turn their greatest heartbreak into a powerful tool for growth.

The Breakup Bootcamp Podcast 

Listen to a 7-part series that delves into each stage of healing post-breakup: shock, denial, depression, anger, bargaining, accountability, and acceptance. The series also features live coaching sessions between Chan and guests navigating breakups.


The Renew Breakup Workbook

The Renew Breakup Guide – a workbook to help you through each stage of healing.

A 60-page, downloadable workbook packed with tools, journal prompts and exercises to navigate the stages of separation.


“Renew allowed me to understand the overlapping of grief that lies within all apsects of life. It allowed me to tap into deep places in my subconscious that I had no idea existed. I experienced multiple breakthroughs during the retreat and most of all, we cultivated connection. I left feeling empowered with these new sisters; we all knew we would each get through out situations; that we were in fact all equals and all yearning for the same love we desire.”
Mercedes, California
“I had gone into the weekend skeptical considering the months of therapy I had done post-breakup. However, Renew exceeded all my expectations. Gathering with other professional women who were going through similar pain enabled collective healing. The workshops with healers, psychologists, and neuroscientists led to breakthroughs and increased self-awareness and an infinite amount of release and healing. The breakthroughs continue long after, Renew is just the beginning to showing your highest potential. It is a portal to your transformation.”
The most helpful thing – beyond getting away – was hearing other people’s stories. It was different than talking to a girlfriend or family member. There was something about meeting a stranger who has dealt with the same thing I had that was incredibly comforting.”
“At Renew, I got to meet women from all kinds of background and experiences and was able to experience a deep connection to the human mind. Knowing I wasn’t alone in experiencing some of the things I did, gave me a fresh perspective and almost a sense of relief, I felt like I was now part of something bigger and that I wasn’t alone.
Puneet, Vancouver
Renew changed my life! Amy and her team led us through workshops which were healing and transforming. A sisterhood was formed as we bonded over our similar pain. I know I’ll continue to grow and heal thanks to my increase in self-awareness. I let go of a part of myself during bootcamp that no longer served my greater good. I like to think that if my future self could talk to me she would say “Thank you Minda, I love you so much for giving US the gift of Renew, well done.”
Minda, Dallas
“I gained both hands-on tools for connection to self and others in an intellectual understanding of some of the big whys behind my relationship patterns, my self concept and lingering attachment to my ex… Not to mention an entourage of support after the retreat ends. Amy Chan’s method in overcoming the cycle of unhealthy relationship patterns encourages awareness, promotes the manifestation of self love and resets attendees ability to increase an abundance of happiness.”