Break through Your Heartbreak

Breakup Bootcamp: The Science of Rewiring Your Heart - Amy Chan
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A proven-to-work method to get over your ex and move forward. Powered by tried and true tools rooted in science.

Going through a breakup? Anxious in love? Apply a tried-and-true process to transform heartbreak into healing and shift subconscious patterns once and for all.

Breakup masterclass

  • Experience Breakup Bootcamp in the comfort of your own home, with tried and tested tools that have helped thousands heal from heartbreak
  • Over 60 lessons of comprehensive video training including Amy’s guided meditations
  • You’ll get a 72-page digital workbook filled with templates, frameworks, quizzes, reflection prompts, and tools
  • Actionable healing techniques developed after consulting the top psychologists, behavioral scientists, and healing practitioners

Your Key Takeaways

  • Develop recovery mechanisms to stop ruminating about your ex
  • Break free from toxic patterns that don’t serve you – not just from this breakup, but from past relationships as well
  • Reduce emotional charge and cultivate indifference towards your ex
  • Gain clarity and empowerment to attract the right people into your life

what you will learn

Level 1: Process Grief, Withdrawal, and Emotionally Calibrate

Level 2: Unpack the Past to Build a Better Future

Level 3: Rewire Patterns to Create Lasting Change

Level 4: Move Forward and Create the Life and Love You Desire

What is the One Emotion That you’ll Feel towards your EX After this Masterclass?

Here’s where it gets interesting – You are about to know your exact takeaway after attending the masterclass. Imagine coming face to face with your ex two months from RIGHT NOW…. Can you take a guess at what kind of emotion you’ll feel toward them (after this masterclass)?

No, it’s not love. And it’s not anger.

It’s actually peaceful indifference. Hundreds of people who have been coached by Amy have reported feeling indifferent towards their ex – no resentment, no angst, no pining of what could have been. Just neutral indifference. I know it sounds impossible to you right now, but if hundreds of others with terrible breakups and messy divorces could get there, why can’t you too?

What You WIll Lose if You Don’t Take this Program

They say that time heals all wounds. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Time alone can help minimize the acute pain, but the underlying wound – of feeling rejected, abandoned, betrayed, unsafe – time just incubates the hurt.

It’s not time per se, that heals the heartbreak – It’s what you do with that time that will help you recover from a breakup.

When people drown themselves in dating apps, work, and other distractions hoping that that’ll help them move forward, they carry your trauma into every relationship of their Life – Not just Romantic ones. Your relationship patterns don’t magically heal when you date someone new. They are still there and will ultimately manifest into another unhealthy relationship and another (probably messier) breakup.

If you don’t process the grief and heal the heartbreak, you risk bringing baggage with you into your future. Or waste years ruminating about your ex. Ultimately, letting them live rent free in your mind and heart, being in a relationship with someone who is not in a relationship with you.

This is why you need to invest your time and energy into truly moving on from your ex, because healing doesn’t happen on its own. You’ve got to take action and it starts with small steps. But once you do, you will be amazed to see how quickly you manifest love within you and the people around you.

Meet your guide, Amy Chan – best-selling author and known as one of the top breakup experts in the world

Meet your guide, Amy Chan – best-selling author and known as one of the top breakup experts in the world

They say healed people heal people. Amy Chan is a living, breathing example of this. The idea of developing a holistic plan to cope with & heal from heartbreaks came to Amy when she herself was coping with a traumatizing break-up.

After coming out of the experience stronger, she founded the World’s First Breakup Bootcamp – The first retreat of its kind designed to help women grieving a heartbreak. She has been featured across national media including Good Morning America, Vogue, Glamour, Nightline, and the front page of The New York Times.

Amy’s Book “The Breakup Bootcamp” is a national bestseller and has been translated into 5 languages already. Amy has helped thousands of people navigate heartbreak and grief, and move through their breakup/divorce more resilient and empowered than before. Find out more about Amy Chan and her work.

Want to get over your breakup?

Get the Breakup Guide workbook The Renew Breakup Workbook will walk you through the entire process of healing from heartbreak, step by step. For only $14, the 60 page workbook is packed with tools, exercises, and templates to help you repair your heart and move forward. Get it now.