The concept of hope in someone changing being shit and some of the tools taught at the retreat as well have often come to mind as I have journeyed forward. Practices for anxiety and sitting with emotions and letting them crash over me like a wave, actually allowing them to dissipate and not control me, have been used. Some of the moments in meditation at the retreat, where I felt absolute peace and maybe a connection to myself for the first time, have offered me a safe place to know that I can show up for myself and comfort and love that little girl who sometimes looks outside of herself to feel loved. It is  comforting knowing that there are so many other women who go through similar things and heartache, thinking they can change someone or change themselves enough to find happiness and love.

I am still in the process of renewing/rewiring/rethinking. What you guys are doing and offering is powerful. You are offering tools and new ways of thinking that lead to more wholehearted living and loving. I wanted to thank you for all that you do to empower women and even men, no doubt, to lead healthier lives with healthier relationships. Walking away from this relationship is another part of my journey and pursuit of healthier relationships/living.


I gained both hands on tools for connection to self and others and an intellectual understanding of some of the big “whys” behind my relationship patterns, my self concept and lingering attachment to my ex….not to mention an entourage of support after the retreat ends.

Amy Chan’s method in overcoming the cycle of unhealthy relationship patterns encourages awareness, promotes the manifestation of self love and resets attendees ability to increase an abundance of happiness.


This retreat helped me to commit to myself again.

I had so much learning to do about myself after 10 years of partnership ended. Even after much personal processing, therapy and groups, this retreat helped me re-learn that, though not instantaneous, change is possible and tangible. I can commit to myself and practice authenticity, connection, gratitude and personal awareness and feel it become more of who I am on a daily basis.

– Angela

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