Small investment. Huge returns.

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“I gained both hands-on tools for connection to self and others in an intellectual understanding of some of the big whys behind my relationship patterns, my self concept and lingering attachment to my ex… Not to mention an entourage of support after the retreat ends.

Amy Chan’s method in overcoming the cycle of unhealthy relationship patterns encourages awareness, promotes the manifestation of self love and resets attendees ability to increase an abundance of happiness.”


“This Retreat helped me commit to myself again. I had so much learning to do about myself after 10 years of partnership ended. Even after much personal processing, therapy and groups, this retreat helped me re-learn that, though not instantaneous, change is possible and tangible. I can commit to myself and practice authenticity, connection, gratitude and personal awareness and feel it become more of who I am on a daily basis.”


“The concept of home In someone changing being shit and some of the tools taught at the Retreat as well have often come to mind as I have journeyed forward. Practices for anxiety and sitting with emotions and letting them crash over me like a wave, actually allowing them to dissipate and not control me have been used. Some of the moments and meditation at The Retreat, where I felt absolute peace and maybe a connection to myself for the first time, have offered me a safe place to know that I can show up for myself and comfort and love that little girl who sometimes looks outside of herself to feel loved. It is comforting knowing that there are so many other women who go through similar things and heartache, thinking they can change someone or change themselves enough to find happiness and love.

I am still in the process of renewing/rewiring/rethinking. What you guys are doing and offering is powerful. You are offering tools and new ways of thinking that lead to more wholehearted living and loving. I wanted to thank you for all that you do to empower women and even men, no doubt, to lead healthier lives with healthier relationships. Walking away from this relationship is another part of my journey and pursuit of healthier relationships/living.”


“Renew was an amazing experience for me. I’ve been very lost after my breakup, I felt very alone in my experience and lost all confidence in myself. I was finally able to get that connection I’ve been craving when meeting these amazingly open and kind women.”

“One of the main reasons I came to Renew was to help me better understand my emotions, put words to what I’m feeling and learn ways to better communicate those feelings. Communicating has always been a struggle for me in life and was one of the reasons why my relationship ended. Renew helped me complete all of those goals tenfold. Hearing the other women’s experiences, thoughts and ideas helped me better understand and put words to what I felt/feel. The program’s practices of confronting your emotions and realizing unhealthy relationship patterns helps you find solutions to cope and change. With all the tools Renew was able to give me I now have the confidence to confront these hardships head on.”

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“I realize that healing and self growth comes with time, but Renew definitely gives you the tools to do this and the confidence to find intimacy, happiness and self love again.”


“After being divorced for 14 years, I wasn’t sure how Renew Breakup Bootcamp would help me at this point since it was not a resent breakup. I have peace in my heart, joy for myself, and I’m able to look back on my 20+ year marriage without the pain and hurt I felt before attending the Bootcamp. I can’t express the contentment I feel by not having those feelings weighing down on me.”


“If you’ve lost your “other half,” Renew is the place to go. But I learned quickly there that I’m a completely whole person all on my own. This bootcamp taught me how to access my inner strength in order to repair the most important relationship of all: the relationship I have to myself. The takeaways from Renew are life changing, and the experience is one that I’ll never forget.”


“Renew has been the single most impactful and rejuvenating experience I have had in my (somewhat short) lifetime. Prior to Renew, I’d simply take myself on trips or do things “for me” just hoping that would fix all my problems. The thing was, I was not gaining or learning experience, tools and knowledge to actually help me move forward. I was just covering up a hole in my heart and pushing things to the side. Renew took me out of my comfort zone, gave me tools and skills I will take beyond just my heartbeat and lessons that spoke to me, not at me. It is not every day you are introduced to 20 plus amazing women who have endured the same pain as you, who, through that pain, found the light at the end of the tunnel. In our weakness we found strength and courage to overcome those feelings of sadness, insecurity, hurt and anger. I will always be thankful I took this leap of faith to heal my heart because pain for too long is tiring.”


“Previously my thoughts & emotions around my breakup were on replay in my mind always going around and around. I would analyze my ex’s actions and question them about the situation. Once I looked at the facts of what had happened and removed the emotion, things were much clearer. My emotions manage to cloud or hide behind the events of the situation. That was my big ah-ha moment. Renew Bootcamp helped me to feel my feelings, sit with them, and thank them for showing up. I realized what was outstanding for me and what I need to work on my healing journey.”


“I went into this experience with minimal expectations. I told myself if I get one thing out of it that would be a win. The reality – I got more out of it than I could have ever dreamed of! I will forever be grateful for my experience. It took me awhile to write this testimonial because I honestly couldn’t find the right words to truly define and explain my experience – I still can’t! That right there goes to show how powerful this has been for me. This retreat was just the start of my healing journey. Through this I now have amazing tools I can take with me and use in my everyday life. I loved how each facilitator told their story. How they each hit their own “rock bottom” and found their way our towards enlightenment. It gives me hope that if I take everything I learned and use the tools and do the hard work that I too will make it to the other side. The space that is created for the group is so safe and comforting. I never felt uncomfortable or felt like I needed to hold back any thoughts or feelings. I saw such bravery with each and every woman in our group and that alone is something so special. I feel extremely blessed to have the privilege to be apart of something so magical! It literally has changed my life and it’s only been a month since the retreat! I am beyond excited to see where my journey takes me.”


“I can not even express the gratitude I feel towards Renew and everyone involved. At first I did not know how it could help me entirely, because I felt that I was a bit more ahead in the stages of healing when compared to some of the other women. I quickly learned that even though I may have known or experienced some of the things being spoken about, there was still so much I did not and how those things applied to me. This bootcamp helped me get past the last hurdle I just could not on my own. Renew helped me identify my patterns and even those of my ex, it provided me with scientific and spiritual tools that helped me detach from the past. I learned that the hurdle was that I was still stuck in a relationship with her, despite not talking to her, or living with her anymore. Renew helped me step into my healing, it opened me up, it gave me the tools I need to keep moving forward and provided me with finding the professionals that could provide the help and understanding I had been looking for and could not find in my city.”


“Attending Renew Breakup Bootcamp was the best gift I gave to myself. I am struggling to find the words to truly express how each experience within this retreat has impacted me and filled my life with an abundance of love and positive energy. It was “home” for the weekend – a safe place where power and vulnerability can both reside together, alongside strength and love. 

As I am settling back in, I find myself replaying every moment and I cry with happy tears, reflecting upon myself and the growth I’ve seen in this short amount of time. I went into this bootcamp with the intention of learning to process and communicate my emotions from a recent breakup. I quickly learned that this was only a small portion of the puzzle I needed to piece together. In many of the sessions, I saw little me – scared and filled with so much sadness and there was an orb protecting her; adult me was trying to reach out to her and help her. Little me was in her own world and did not see the adult me, now. Many of these experiences helped me tap into memories that I have long forgotten or have crammed into a metal box and buried deep down in this black hole and did not want to remember. It revealed so much of my childhood and the many emotions and stories I attached to them. Amy’s quote “You may not be able to change the events of your history, but you can choose to change the story you attach to those events” holds so much power for me. I am no longer a slave to the events that have happened to me. I am owning my story and I will begin to create the story I want to live. 

Renew took me out of my comfort zone and through each experience, a part of the old me was lifted out of my body to create an open space for me to receive new life. Sharing our stories individually, it can feel intimidating and fearsome. But, as a collective, we are fierce and unstoppable.

Thank you for teaching these tools so that I can incorporate them in my daily life and to slowly build them towards a better future. I am forever grateful for you, your team at Renew and the incredible group of women that I had the opportunity to meet and connect with.”

Cathy, Los Angeles

When my 12 years an on/off again relationship ended, I didn’t know where to begin. 

I spent just about every waking moment wondering, what went wrong? Who is he with now? What could I have done differently? All my time was spent focusing on HIM and I let myself go. Work, friends, family, self-care, happiness were my last priority.

Friends sent break-up podcasts and that’s when Amy’s words inspired me for the first time. I heard her mention an upcoming retreat in New York, where I lived – seconds later I was googling how to sign up.

It felt as though someone above took over .. in what felt like minutes I was on a call with Amy, booking my room at the estate and working out transpiration. I was going to Renew Breakup Bootcamp!!

Never in 12 years would I have committed to something like this because I was not ready to move on. This time I was ready, even excited.

The retreat provided strength and healing that I’ve never felt before. The things that Amy & the doctors/professionals at the retreat taught will live in me forever. The tools provided in such a short period of time were priceless. 

There was such a sense of community at the retreat and I individually connected with each person there.

Lastly, the organization, professionalism and pure kindness of those running the retreat, teaching at the retreat and even cooking for us were A+.

As this retreat concluded, I realized it was time to really put myself first, respect my values and trust the process. The love I felt for ME leaving the retreat was immeasurable. I came home a different person and have Amy to thank for that. 

Truly an incredible experience.

Amber, New York