JLO’s Breakup: What Can we Learn?

Alex Rodriguez - Jennifer Lopez

A match made in the Hollywood heavens, J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez have been a couple since 2017. They were engaged for two years and have recently announced their breakup. Why the couple is splitting up is all up to speculation. There’s been some rumors of Alex Rodriquez cheating and other rumors claim that the pandemic caused strain on their relationship.

While we don’t know what’s happened behind the scenes, we can observe that they’re trying to make the breakup as amicable as possible. This isn’t Jennifer Lopez’s first heartbreak, and it seems like she’s in a stage of acceptance of this major life pivot:

“I’m a little heartbroken because we did have some great plans,” she said. “I’m also like, ‘You know what? God has a bigger plan.’”

She’s right. Just because it doesn’t work out according to plan, doesn’t mean that you’re on the wrong path, it means that there’s a different plan. Maybe that winding journey is meant to build your character, develop your resilience, help you grow and harness your inner strength. Maybe the plan all along is spiritual evolution, and all the people who have come in and out of your life have been characters, crucial to the plot.

But you’ve always been the heroine of your story. It’s yours to write.

Maybe we can all take a page out of J.Lo’s book and recognize that when we go through life’s hardships, it’s not the end of the world, it’s merely a plot-twist.

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