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Anger is a natural and necessary part of the healing process after a breakup. It is not a destination where you stay forever, but rather a pit stop that can indicate that you are healing. When you’re in the depression stage, which precedes anger, you may feel powerless and helpless. Anger can act as a catalyst to move you into action, enabling you to fight for and defend yourself.

How to stop the Anxious-Avoidant Cycle

Are you in repetitive anxious-avoidant cycle – where one person pushes for more connection and the other pushes it away? If you’re anxiously attached and want to move towards a more secure attachment style, read on.

Are you Dating Down?

What if the reason you haven’t found true love is because you’re looking for “The One” in the wrong dating pool? Ask yourself these 2 questions to see if you’ve been dating down this entire time. Do you find yourself constantly editing yourself or walking around eggshells to not trigger your partner? Are you consistently… Continue reading Are you Dating Down?

Interview: It’s Never Just About The Ex

It’s never just about the ex. It’s recycled pain. We recreate the emotional experience of how were wounded as children. If we don’t figure out what the subconscious wounds, patterns and beliefs are, we will just keep repeating the same emotional experience, just with different people.